Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Pictures

We are seriously lacking in the picture department with our children. I hate to admit it but Darcy has never been in for pictures and she's 8 months old! We can't find anyone in Spokane who has a style that we like so we just haven't gone. Here are some ones I snapped today. Jayden is 2 1/2 now! He's so talkative and exuberant as most know. He loves batman, spiderman and transformers and does all the sound affects. He's definitly all boy.

Sister D is 8 months and she loves food, especially vegetables. She is such an eater but doesn't care for fruit (didn't get that from my side of the family.) She sits, rolls, crawls and says " Mamamam" and "Dadadada." She is 15lbs. 2 oz. And once again I don't know what she's doing with her lips either.