Thursday, February 28, 2008


Introducing the newest member of our family:

Darcy Lynn Jane Pope

Born: Tuesday Feb 26 6:02pm

Weight: 5 lbs 7 oz

Length: 19 in

She loved her first bath

Look at that hair! It's not as dark as Jayden's was. And look at that Pope nose - we were hoping it would skip our girls. Guess not.

The sibling meet and great didn't go so well on Jayden's part. He wasn't interested in her. Now that we're home he's doing better and lets us know every time Darcy is sad.

Monday, February 25, 2008

One Year Older and.....

So it finally has happened! No, Amanda didn't have our little Darcy yet. I finally posted on our blog! Although I don't think that it will be a regular occurrence, be assured that it will happen again! I'm not sure that many husbands get into the blogging thing, unless it is their own personal blog, so the fact that I am posting is definitely a step forward for me! It's nothing fancy shmancy like Amanda does, but it's a start! Maybe my next post will have pictures or something entertaining to look at!

So not only is this my first blog, but today is a very special day! 53 years ago on this very day, my dad was born! So here's to you Dad! Happy 53rd Birthday! May you enjoy the ride down the other side of the hill! I hope that you enjoy it with everyone, even though I'm not there!


What a difference a year makes

These pictures are from last year on Valentines Day. I'd forgotten all about the pirate grin and the chubby rolls.

Gosh those legs - sorry little man you got mommy's legs.

Better later than never

I was looking through our pictures and I realized I forgot to post these pictures of Jayden from Valentines Day. So here they are.
Jayden is loving his new Cars toy from Grandma and the Cars pajamies. Tim also had fun that night seeing how fast he could get the cars to go.
Jayden kept pointing to his shirt and telling us the name of the different cars. Those are still his favorite pajamas to wear.

That night when he went to bed he had a cars blanket, toy cars and car pajamies. He couldn't of been a happier little boy.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Greg got jived...

I found this funny website that translates any site into Jive. Oh, man! Halarious! Tim and I were laughing so hard. It gets a bit dirty so I'm just translating my last post into jive and those who are interested can find their own site to translate. Here's my last post in jive:

Greg's Mission Ciznall!!
My skanky brotha FINALLY opened his mission call on Sunday!
I mizzle say thizzay once I heard where he is going ta be messin' I was so stoked fo` him.
I cizzay thizzay of a more perfect place fo` him ta go. He has been called ta serve in tha Belgium Brussels Mission - French speak'n!
Greg, we is so proud of you. We love you n is stoked fo` you!

And here's the site the does this comical translation for you:

WARNING: may contain adult content.
Oh what joy the internet and boredom can bring.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Greg's Mission Call!!

My cute brother FINALLY opened his mission call on Sunday!
I must say that once I heard where he is going to be serving I was so excited for him.
I can't think of a more perfect place for him to go. He has been called to serve in the Belgium Brussels Mission - French speaking!
Greg, we are so proud of you. We love you and are excited for you!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Yay, it feels great to be back home even though we miss family. Jayden has had a grand time rediscovering all his toys. He's been in serious play mode for days now.

It was nice to be with family and be able to spend some time with Eric. There is nothing like the innocence of a RM ~ it was a new experience. I sadly decided not to take my camera to the airport because I knew I would have to entertain Jayden and my mom had her camera. Now I'm regreting that choice - I'll just have to have my mom send me some of her pictures.
And tomorrow Greg finds out where he's going! He's had his papers since Wednesday and hasn't opened them. Gosh! The will power! I would be opening them as soon as possible. I've been dying to know and I'm not even the one going on a mission.

Jayden has started to really like hats and we often find him wearing them - it's cute when they're Tim's hats.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

1 week down 1 left to go...

This past week has been busy.
I've been at my parent's house "babysitting" these cute sisters of mine. My parents come back tonight to crash on this party we've been having (translation - we did nothing exciting mostly just sat around together.) I've lost a lot of sleep but it's been great to hang out with them and pretend I'm a kid again. And they were a lot of help with Jayden since Tim didn't get to come :( .

That brings me to my next thought - I miss Tim. It's not fun being away from my main squeeze. And plus it means that I'm on 100% Jayden duty - not fun either. There isn't anyone to share diaper duty. I still have another week before he gets to come take me home and even all the phone calls and video messanging isn't making it easier.

On a much happier note Elder Scott comes home on Tuesday night!!! Oh happy day! We got his room all ready for him today and it's making me very excited to have a few days to spend with him before I go home.

And for even more happy news Greg turned in his mission papers this past week! He gets to come home next weekend to visit Eric and then hopefully the week after that we'll know where he's going on his mission. Exciting times!

(Greg, Tim, Grandma Frerichs (I couldn't find a recent one of him that didn't have other people.))