Monday, May 4, 2009

My opinions part 1

I believe in the power of reading. I'm a huge fan of books and reading and I think that every child should be exposed to that. Books are so much more than pictures and stories to me. They can help create children who are strong, independent & intelligent. I think children deserve to be read to and that reading to your child everyday is a great sacrafice that is well worth every effort. This book has been my children's favorite first book. It keeps their attention because of the animal sounds. Clifford's Animal Sounds can be found here. I love a good children's bookshelf that is a huge mess and you know it is used and loved. And this is the coolest children's bookshelf I've seen, the books have become a piece of art in this home.
P.S. Don't forget to let me know what you love about Spokane and what places I should visit!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Walk of Pride

Life is good again since Tim found the Fiji pictures. I was worried. Now that he found the pictures I have to share the funniest picture from the whole trip. I have to tell the story before you see the picture.

The second day there we discovered the Westin Hotel that was next door had a pool that we liked because they had huts that blocked the sun, it was a tad warmer than the pools from our hotel, it had a great restaurant next door, and there were less people. We walked over to that pool everyday after that and this pool was split into two with the adult pool up higher than the children's pool lower with a waterfall in between the two. The first day Tim discovered that he could swim like a fish and launch himself down the waterfall into the children's pool. He did it every day and tried to get me to join him. I'm not without shame, I'll leave that kind of thing to Tim. On the last day he made me take a picture for the world to see. You can't tell in the picture but the wall that Tim is diving/lunging down has a waterfall from the top pool and is about 5 feet. (It might of only been 4 but I'm going to give him 5 to man it up a little.) It made me laugh so hard everytime he'd leap and then he'd do the walk from the children's pool to the adult pool and walk past all the people sunbathing in the chairs. A serious walk of pride for Tim and a walk of shame for me.

Who wants to play?

I sat down to share a little more about our trip to Fiji (for those that missed the first post click here) and I can't find the pictures on the computer! Gasp!! I know, what am I going to do. I'm almost positive that Tim downloaded those pictures and maybe he just saved them in another folder labled March 2009. Okay, I'm being sarcastic because there is only ONE folder labeled March 2009 so why aren't they there? I'll have to have Tim show me where they are when he gets home.

So, now what should I post about? I know, we'll play a game. Who can guess what is peeking at you in this picture? And for family who already know, don't ruin it!

P.S. Don't forget to tell me what you love about Spokane, if you don't know what I'm talking about scroll down.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I want to know...

What do you love about Spokane? I hope to really get to know Spokane this summer. We have loved it here and been very happy with most things however, I feel like there is so much more to Spokane. So, fill me in, give me the gossip, if you have a secret place I want to hear about it.

Here are some ideas...

Where is your favorite park?
Where is the best bookstore/library
Favorite landmark
Favorite store
Favorite restaurant (Emily, will you please give me the name of that Mexican restaurant again.)
Best place to take the kids
What lake is the nicest to take families to
Best place for a night on the town with hubby
Where are some places that we absolutely must visit this summer?

You can e-mail me or comment and I'll make a post with all the information.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Can we fix it?

A few weeks ago we had our very own Bob the Builder visit. Jayden looked out the window and yelled, "Look Mom, it's scoop!" Sure enough, scoop had come to our home (we got a gas line put in). Then I heard, "That doesn't look like Bob." I had to laugh at that comment. The visit was enough to make his day.