Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Darcy - Larcy quick update

Our little sister D isn't so small anymore. She's really had quite a growth spurt lately and is looking more her age everyday. This girl is messy, she can't hardly go a day without a bath now that it is summer. She's a sticky, gooey mess by the end of everyday. She walking like a champ and saying new words all the time. She's become dependent on drinks (Capri Suns from the storage room) and will throw a little fit until she gets one. Her hair is growing in blonder than blonde and she weighed 18lbs. about two weeks ago. We're counting down the days until she can stay in nursery because she can't sit still for any length of time.  


Jenny Bay said...

Amanda she is so cute!! I love the little blonde pigtails!

DaNette said...

Wow! She is growing up, I can't believe the change in just a few months. She is so cute!
I hear you about the nursery thing, I couldn't wait to get Ander in there so I could actually attend Sunday school and Relief Society.

melanie said...

What a cutie! :)