Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Sorry for the horrible blurry pictures but I had to share them because everyday Darcy asks "ssschwing"? She loves to play outside and swing. I have to say I'm loving having children this age. We're definitely out of the helpless baby stage and Darcy is starting to tell us what she wants and says yes or no. 

It's been a good summer with lots of time spent outside. I love that autumn is coming with the cool evenings and crisp mornings. The air seems to change to warn you of the coming winter. 

We'll definitely miss spending our days and evenings outside. But I'm sure looking forward to the cozy fires and lounging around with blankets.


Jenny said...

First of all, cute cute cute pictures. Second, I miss you. Third, I know! I'm loving this age too when Callie can let me know what she needs/wants...am I crazy to think of starting over again!? Sheesh. Really.

Tonya said...

Yay for swings and kids and autumn time! I myself enjoy the fall the most of any season. I'm excited for a Virginia autumn...so many trees! How about over there?