Sunday, September 30, 2007

Green Bluff

On Saturday we went to Green Bluff which is just a 20 min car ride up north. Green Bluff is a farming community where you can drive to the different farms and picked whatever fruit they have. We saw some pumpkins that will be ready for Halloween so we're going to go back when it gets closer. This time we picked raspberries, blackberries and apples!!

I kept picking raspberries and thinking gosh I thought I had more than that. Then I realized I had a hungry thief! Jayden ate tons!

We went to a different farm and they had a HUGE apple orchard. We asked which kinds are best for applesauce and they told us what they use for their applesauce that they sell at the farm. Tim did most of the apple picking since you had to get up on a ladder and someone had to entertain Jayden.

At that orchard we filled two buckets. And Jayden got to ride in a wagon - it made his day.

He even sampled some of the apples.

Tim had to pull Jayden and apples all the way out of the orchard.

And once we were in the car for less than 5 min Jayden was asleep. We had gotten a caramel apple from the orchard and Jayden was eating a slice. We turned around and he was sleeping and it was stuck to him. The day took all his energy!

Green Bluff was such a nice getaway for an afternoon we hope to go back soon!