Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Our late night car adventure

This is a sad post but it's something to post about. I'll post about our new home later when I get some more free time.

We decided it was a good idea to leave Monday night instead of waiting until early Tuesday morning. So, we packed up the last of our stuff and hit the road around 9 - we had some stops to make so we got on the freeway at 10. Tim drove the whole way and was doing fine until about 1 hr. 30 min. outside of Spokane. He closed his eyes for just a moment and started to veer off the road and I was reading my wonderful book that I couldn't keep my eyes off ( New Moon by Stephanie Meyer - the second in her series.) He opened his eyes and over corrected and we ended up fish-tailing across the freeway so we were facing the wrong way. We ended up on the other side in the ditch and rolled the car.

There were some very nice people that came to the rescue. They helped us out of the car and gave Jayden and I a warm place to sit while we waited for the ambulance. We all got our first ambulance ride to the small (and I mean SMALL) hospital located in Ritzville. They had checked Tim and Jayden and released them in a matter of an hour or so. Just enough time for us to get there and actually get into a room. They did some x-rays on my leg and ankle just to make sure everything was okay and then they released me.

Then the very NICE doctor drove us to a hotel so we could spend the night and find someone to come get us the next morning. I was so impressed - what doctor drives you to the hotel after he is woken up to come to our rescue??? Now that I think about it - I should be sending a Thank You card to that whole hospital.

The next morning my FABULOUS Aunt Janyse came to our rescue and picked us up and took us to our car so we could get all of our belongings the drove us the rest of the way to Spokane. She was so kind to come and rescue us - she even fed us dinner that night. It's been nice to have family close by. We just need to get our house in order so we can invite them over!

Well I think that about summerizes our car wreck. Tim feels so bad about the whole thing but it happens to the best of us. I'm still a little freaked out and get really nervous in the car - I just keep seeing the whole thing again and again in my mind. Jayden has no clue what happened and is just his normal happy self who loves his new home and the space that is has.

We were just so blessed and are grateful our Father in Heaven was watching over us.


Janyse said...

I think the FABULOUS part was just to butter me I right??? I agree, it is GREAT to have family nearby!