Monday, October 22, 2007

Tim's Birthday - BIG 25!!

Two weekends ago (Oct 11-14th) we drove to Amanda's parent's house to celebrate mine (Tim) and Kirsten's (Amanda's sister), birthdays. We had a lot of fun spending time with family and having a break from school. I especially liked the break from school part!
For my birthday we took Amanda's sister Heather and her friends up to Seattle and it didn't work out as planned but we still had fun. At least we got some mudslide, which is this fantastic concoction of Rice Krispies, marshmallows, chocolate chips, white chocolate, and peanut butter.
Later that day we went shopping for a new suit, a sports jacket, and some slacks. I insisted that I neaded more ties! When we got to the register Amanda's mom said she would pay for it. Originally she was going to pay for the gas that it would take to drive over there to visit them. So since her mom paid for the clothes, Amanda was to pay for the gas. So that's what I got, yep two whole tanks of regular unleaded gas! I bet that's on everyone's wish lists!
I figured that we were just going to have a generic store cake because Heather was making this special cake for Kirsten, for Sunday. Well, I was wrong! The cake that she had been working on for the past few days was for me. It was shaped like a present and had pieces of fondant for decoration. It even has this big fondant bow on the very top!! Though it was a little bit. . . orange, it was pretty good!