Monday, November 5, 2007

Lots of Pictures

There are a lot of pictures I've been meaning to post so here they all are. Then I should be caught up with blogging at least for the month of October.

We went with family to Green Bluffs to get pumpkins - we made an afternoon out of it and got pumpkin donuts and walked around the farm. Here are pictures of Tim and Jayden selecting a pumpkin. Jayden was in awe at how many pumpkins there were - he wanted to touch them all.

It was a long day for him and by the time we left he had had enough. Here's a picture Tim insisted we take of his melt-down. (I think I have a few pictures of me when I was younger with this exact same face.)

We made Tim's favorite treat - pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Everytime I cook Jayden always wants to get on the counter and help stir. He had a lot of fun with this project. And I think Tim liked the end result as well.

Here is Jayden making his mad face. When he gets annoyed and doesn't like what you're doing this is the face you get. Tim was trying to tell him to stop playing with the light switch.

We went to the park one afternoon with my aunt and cousin and Jayden kept going down this climbing wall like it was a slide. No matter how many times I told him it wasn't a slide and showed him the slide he insisted on going down this.

Pumpkin carving with Daddy! Jayden liked to play with the electronic cutter (don't panic - we took out the blade.) And Tim just likes to carve the pumpkins - it's a boy job in our house.

Trick-or-treat! Jayden would just say treat please? We went to my aunt's ward's trunk-or-treat on Halloween night and then went back to their neighborhood to go door to door. Jayden loved the suckers - everytime anyone let him pick he always went for the sucker. His costume on the other hand he didn't like so much. He was a dragon (thanks grandma for the costume) and we had to trick him to get it on. Putting the hood on was too much to ask so he walked around the whole night like this:

Wow - I know that was long but now I'm all caught up! Happy Day!!


Greg said...

Why you got to be mean to Jayden like that. making him cry over pumpkins. haha he's getting big now.