Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I know the title says snow but first I had to post pictures of something Jayden did that was such a boy thing. A few weeks ago he had a lunchable and he was on the counter eating while I was cleaning. I look over and this is what I see - he has everything stacked and is trying to eat it. It made me laugh so hard, how do boys know to do those things? I'm convinced they take a 'How to be a BOY' class in Heaven. He was having a good time as you can see.

My next thing before I get to snow pictures is Jayden's big boy bed. We set it up the other night and he will play and take naps but hasn't make it through a night yet. Which is fine, I know it's still early.
My son thinks I'm crazy, he's always giving me this look when I'm taking his pictures. Silly boy.
Snow! We were excited for the snow. Sadly, Jayden hated it. He didn't want to go outside when it was falling and didn't like to walk in it and refused to touch it. He's a wussie. After having snow on the ground for a week I finally convinced him to walk outside.
I don't know if you can see but there is the "look" again.
He made it to the end of the driveway and wanted to turn around and go inside.

This last picture is just so you don't think I'm a bad mom for not putting gloves and a hat on my son. We have tried and tried and tried. We get the same results EVERY time.

Sad, so sad (translation: pathetic, so pathetic.)


Anonymous said...

Amanda, You are right, that whole snow thing is very pathetic. And I don't know exactly about the boy class in Heaven, but my boys didn't try to eat hugh stacks of cheese and meat, so maybe Jayden took a how to be a Pope class. It does sound like something Tim would do. My final comment is about photo # 7 in this section, isn't that my cookie jar??? Dad claimed to have broken the one that I had just like that and I am pretty sure that he just secretly mailed it to you. Nice house photos. Love ya, Mom

Amanda said...

Eating stacks of cheese and meat IS something Tim would do. Infact - I have tons of pictures of Tim doing that (especially those mission pictures.) If I had a scanner I would show you. And as for that cookie jar - don't worry we didn't rob your house or anything. That is Grandma's we got it from Pa when we visited.