Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tip of the Iceburg

For those that read our blog (all two of you) you'll remember this post.
Well we've now changed obsessions.
That last obsession was nothing compared to the current one.
Readers, meet the new obsession:
For those of you who happen to have a young boy between the ages of 1-5 I'm sure you're well aware of this movie and you can skip over this post.

I have no words that can describe your excitement for anything Cars related. As I'm typing this post you're standing right next to me pointing and screaming at the top of your lungs, "McQueen on the computer!!!!" You are literally shaking with excitment and I can see the muscles and veins in your neck popping out. Those that know you best know that I'm not exaggerating one bit.

You've been enthralled for almost a year now, it is your waking thought and the last words to come out of your mouth before sleep. You are content to watch the movie 3-4 times a day (Just ask Kirsten, Heather, Greg, Eric, Grandma and Grandpa who have watched it many times with you.) I have to peel you away from the screen and entice you with other necessities such as food, water and sunlight.

It's take over much of your life and you have a mountain of toys, clothes, books, etc that all have Cars on them. The picture is just the tip of the iceburg when it comes to how much stuff you have. I thought I had everything but as I'm looking at the picture I'm saying to myself, where is the hat he has and the swimsuit and the rest of the books and what about the coloring books and markers and all his Mater trucks and the two pairs of socks and all those T-shirts, etc. Seriously, I could add more but I won't.

I think you get the point, you LOVE Cars! It's been fun to see you get so into something that we can't hold you back. I hope you always dive into the things you love. We love you, you crazy boy.


Mom and Dad


Anonymous said...

Nice! My son loves McQueen and Mater! He has toys of them, pillow that tells the story, and swimming trunks. Not as much as your boy does wow. He's seriously into cars. We have the movie as well. FUN TIMES!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, my favorite Cars moment was when I brought Jayden a Fillmore from Disneyland. He actually screamed when he saw the Cars logo, before he even knew what was in the package. After we got it open, he spent the next ten minutes making sure EVERYONE in the room knew he had a Fillmore. individually. "PAPA! Fillmore!" Gosh I love your crazy kids. I keep trying to convince mom that she needs to invite Jayden down, but she's still recovering from last time. Haha, only kidding!


Amanda said...

Heather I agree Jayden is a crazy guy. Too bad that Philmore couldn't buy his love like you were hoping. Maybe if you'd gotten Mater.... Tell Mom she so needs to get over it, what is she a wussbag? He wasn't THAT bad, now we're just going to randomly show up just to keep her on her toes. Maybe we'll do a birthday visit for her, I know there is nothing more for her birthday she'd want than to clean her entire house after Jayden visited. Hee hee.

Jamii said...

I don't know what kind of craft stores you have up there, but at JoAnn's, I found a Lightning McQueen cake pan and made an adorable cake for my nephew!