Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jayden's Birthday

Today we celebrated Jayden's 3rd Birthday. We celebrated on Saturday because of work and school schedules but luckily for us that meant more time together. Dad and Jayden went to the balloon store together to pick out a birthday balloon, he chose a transformers balloon. Jayden requested a cake with lots of chocolate so that's what we did and then he didn't eat one bite that night. He helped make it though, he's always coming into the kitchen while I'm cooking and asking to help and dragging a chair or stool over so he can help. Darcy jumped right into the cake as usual. Here is some before and after pictures of Darcy. Jayden opened presents and played for the rest of the night and as I put him to bed he asked if it could be his birthday again tomorrow. He was definitely more into the presents this year and was begging all morning to open them all morning.

Dear Jayden,

Happy 3rd Birthday little man. You are such a fun guy, this past year has been a busy but enjoyable one. You've conquered big boy beds and potty training. You've learned how to ride a bike and do your chores. You love to help do whatever I'm doing and you are always watching out for Darcy. You've decided that dads are funner than moms and it breaks my heart a little each time you say it. I try, I really do.

You have such a spunk stubborn personality, you know what you want and when you want it and we cannot for the life of us change your mind. You're a sweet boy and try to do what is right. You've been on an airplane more that any two year old should, we've flown about 2 times a month for almost a year now. You know that you must wear your seat belt or the pilot WILL turn that plan around (I love that you believe me.) Last year you've been to Utah several times, University Place & Tacoma, Las Vegas, Oregon, Lake Chelan & Idaho.

You've turned into a picky eater, you like Transformers, Batman, Spiderman, Superman and Buzz Lightyear. You've become best friends with Jacob Knighton, he is just your age and is so similar in personality. You say your prayers daily and help with dinner prayer. You always pray for Uncle Greg who is on his mission and you still love fruit.

Jayden, you make us laugh everyday!




melanie said...

that cake looks amazing! i can't believe your little guy is three-- it doesn't seem like his baby shower was _that_ long ago!

Elaina said...

He's getting to big and so cute!! Happy Birthday litte man! The cake looks good enough to eat. Don't like cake but the chocolate looks good. I'm more of a cheese cake person. Darcy is so adorable!!