Friday, August 31, 2007

Laundry and pudding anyone?

Today has been so busy with packing and Tim has been home all day to help me! Now we're at my parent's house doing loads and loads of laundry (good thing they're away from home and have no clue the mess we brought over. And if they read this ~ lots of thanks for letting us do laundry over here for the past 2 years.)

Jayden is learning how to feed himself. Everytime we sit down to eat he insists on holding the spoon himself. There is just no helping him. So, lately we've been letting him have at it.

This time I think the pudding won. He sure had fun though.

I just wanted to take the time to figure out how to post pictures. Excuse me while I go change the laundry from washer to dryer and put a new load in :).