Friday, January 11, 2008

Christmas Morning Pictures

So, it turns out we did get a few Christmas morning pictures.
Here's Jayden on his slide he got from Grandpa - he loves the thing. As I'm typing this he is throwing toy cars down the slide and yelling, "OH, COOL!" He's such a boy.

Jayden is trying to climb over the pile of presents for our family. We really got a lot this year.

Here is Jayden telling us about the cars he got in his stocking, notice several cars in each hand. We need some kind of Hot Wheels carrying case now - they are all over our house and I keep stepping on them. OUCH! Not fun at all.

When we went into the room to look at stockings first thing that morning he started to run into the room then stopped when he saw the table and chair set and immediatly climbed into a chair. Today my project is to paint the set green so we can set it up in Jayden's play area.