Saturday, February 2, 2008

1 week down 1 left to go...

This past week has been busy.
I've been at my parent's house "babysitting" these cute sisters of mine. My parents come back tonight to crash on this party we've been having (translation - we did nothing exciting mostly just sat around together.) I've lost a lot of sleep but it's been great to hang out with them and pretend I'm a kid again. And they were a lot of help with Jayden since Tim didn't get to come :( .

That brings me to my next thought - I miss Tim. It's not fun being away from my main squeeze. And plus it means that I'm on 100% Jayden duty - not fun either. There isn't anyone to share diaper duty. I still have another week before he gets to come take me home and even all the phone calls and video messanging isn't making it easier.

On a much happier note Elder Scott comes home on Tuesday night!!! Oh happy day! We got his room all ready for him today and it's making me very excited to have a few days to spend with him before I go home.

And for even more happy news Greg turned in his mission papers this past week! He gets to come home next weekend to visit Eric and then hopefully the week after that we'll know where he's going on his mission. Exciting times!

(Greg, Tim, Grandma Frerichs (I couldn't find a recent one of him that didn't have other people.))