Saturday, February 16, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Yay, it feels great to be back home even though we miss family. Jayden has had a grand time rediscovering all his toys. He's been in serious play mode for days now.

It was nice to be with family and be able to spend some time with Eric. There is nothing like the innocence of a RM ~ it was a new experience. I sadly decided not to take my camera to the airport because I knew I would have to entertain Jayden and my mom had her camera. Now I'm regreting that choice - I'll just have to have my mom send me some of her pictures.
And tomorrow Greg finds out where he's going! He's had his papers since Wednesday and hasn't opened them. Gosh! The will power! I would be opening them as soon as possible. I've been dying to know and I'm not even the one going on a mission.

Jayden has started to really like hats and we often find him wearing them - it's cute when they're Tim's hats.


Anonymous said...

Jayden is soo cute. He'll be a cute big brother real soon!
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