Monday, February 25, 2008

One Year Older and.....

So it finally has happened! No, Amanda didn't have our little Darcy yet. I finally posted on our blog! Although I don't think that it will be a regular occurrence, be assured that it will happen again! I'm not sure that many husbands get into the blogging thing, unless it is their own personal blog, so the fact that I am posting is definitely a step forward for me! It's nothing fancy shmancy like Amanda does, but it's a start! Maybe my next post will have pictures or something entertaining to look at!

So not only is this my first blog, but today is a very special day! 53 years ago on this very day, my dad was born! So here's to you Dad! Happy 53rd Birthday! May you enjoy the ride down the other side of the hill! I hope that you enjoy it with everyone, even though I'm not there!