Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Greg got jived...

I found this funny website that translates any site into Jive. Oh, man! Halarious! Tim and I were laughing so hard. It gets a bit dirty so I'm just translating my last post into jive and those who are interested can find their own site to translate. Here's my last post in jive:

Greg's Mission Ciznall!!
My skanky brotha FINALLY opened his mission call on Sunday!
I mizzle say thizzay once I heard where he is going ta be messin' I was so stoked fo` him.
I cizzay thizzay of a more perfect place fo` him ta go. He has been called ta serve in tha Belgium Brussels Mission - French speak'n!
Greg, we is so proud of you. We love you n is stoked fo` you!

And here's the site the does this comical translation for you:

WARNING: may contain adult content.
Oh what joy the internet and boredom can bring.


Anonymous said...

I believe french is easier to learn than german.

But as for my room, the treadmill is next to the closet, and my cedar chest is under the window, we have a good amount of space over there but not a ton. But I like how it all looks and is set up

melanie said...

that's so rad! I have spent a teensy bit of time in Belgium and found it to be a lovely and charming place.

In answer to your ?s:
1. the sunglasses came from Forever 21 (I love them too... I call them my Posh Spice glasses)
2. feel free to link me! glad you enjoy it! :)