Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Roll Over Darcy

Sister D started rolling over last Friday (23rd) and no matter how hard we tried we couldn't get a picture. (Note to self get a camera with a faster speed.) We have several shots of her pushing up, getting her arms ready, and then laying on her back. All of them no good because none of them actually prove she can roll over. So, people, you'll just have to take my word for it.

I just have to thank Edna for the beautiful quilt - (which I haven't sent a thank-you card for, yet. But I will. Now that I'm back home and getting back into the grove of things I'll get one out, promise.) Everyone that has come over and seen that quilt has said how beautiful it is. We love it.

This last picture is Darcy with Grandma Frerichs. They met for the first time at Greg's Farewell. Grandma Frerichs is great with babies and Darcy would calm down and go to sleep for her. Those of you who know Darcy know that that is HUGE. Darcy only likes her mom and aunt Kirsten to hold her, sometimes she'll let her dad hold her but not often. If she gets passed to anyone else she promptly cries/screams.


Mom said...

Yay Darcy! As her favorite aunt, I can say that I'm so proud of her. You know the boys will be expecting more though. Eric & Greg will want her to be doing backflips soon. Love ya! -Heather

DaNette said...

They never will cooperate with pictures when they are that young do they...I remember at times spending half an hour trying to get a picture of Ander holding a toy for the first time...but it's still so precious.