Saturday, May 2, 2009

I want to know...

What do you love about Spokane? I hope to really get to know Spokane this summer. We have loved it here and been very happy with most things however, I feel like there is so much more to Spokane. So, fill me in, give me the gossip, if you have a secret place I want to hear about it.

Here are some ideas...

Where is your favorite park?
Where is the best bookstore/library
Favorite landmark
Favorite store
Favorite restaurant (Emily, will you please give me the name of that Mexican restaurant again.)
Best place to take the kids
What lake is the nicest to take families to
Best place for a night on the town with hubby
Where are some places that we absolutely must visit this summer?

You can e-mail me or comment and I'll make a post with all the information.


Emily said...

It's Fiesta Mexicana--I love it! Lots of vegetarian dishes too. Try the fajitas. I've heard Auntie's Bookstore downtown is the best bookstore in Spokane (not that I've ever been inside, but I've heard from many other people that it's awesome. I'm pretty sure they do story time there.) Let me know when you find something cool to do. I'd like to do some exploring myself.

Amanda P said...

Thanks Emily! I've heard the same thing about Auntie's Bookstore, we should make a trip together.

Anonymous said...

There are some great places to geocache in Spokane.

Heidi said...

Yep, I like Auntie's too, but their used books are a bit expensive. I think Rae's Book Exchange (next to the K-Mart on Lyons & Division) is a better value if you want to trade in a stack of used books and come out with another stack.

If you haven't been out to the Painted Rocks by the Little Spokane River, that's worth a visit. There's a pleasant hiking trail nearby too. I also like Fish Lake: plenty to do and not too crowded. There's a trail on the south side of Spokane that goes all the way to Fish Lake, but the trail is 10 miles one way and only part of it is paved (the part in the middle, oddly). You can get a nice view of Spokane by going up to St. Michaels, that big church you can see on the hill north of Beacon Hill (Lincoln Road runs into it).

As for restaurants, I like Kay's Teriyaki here on our side of town (next to Fred Meyer), Sawtooth Grill in River Park Square, and Mamma Mia's on Francis and Washington.

Amanda P said...


I just told Tim that I want to go to Mama Mia's this past weekend. And thanks for the great tips on places to go hike, we're definitly going to try them out this summer.