Monday, May 4, 2009

My opinions part 1

I believe in the power of reading. I'm a huge fan of books and reading and I think that every child should be exposed to that. Books are so much more than pictures and stories to me. They can help create children who are strong, independent & intelligent. I think children deserve to be read to and that reading to your child everyday is a great sacrafice that is well worth every effort. This book has been my children's favorite first book. It keeps their attention because of the animal sounds. Clifford's Animal Sounds can be found here. I love a good children's bookshelf that is a huge mess and you know it is used and loved. And this is the coolest children's bookshelf I've seen, the books have become a piece of art in this home.
P.S. Don't forget to let me know what you love about Spokane and what places I should visit!


Elaina said...

Books are always good!! My kids love books as well.

Marcus and Jenny said...

Love the rainbow bookshelf. Last night I found an awesome children's bookshelf that, if one day I have a room big enough, I want to do...I have to look it up, where I found it. Then I'll email it to you. Soooo cute. Oh, and I've been thinking about your chair you want to reupholster and your front room. Didn't you have a coffee table out there? Do you still have it? Didn't you say you wanted the green with black accents in the room? what if you painted that black? You have to check out this blog...Frugal Chic Decor or something. I'll look it up too. But,it's fantastic. I have a lot of ideas from this classy lady.