Saturday, March 22, 2008

Egg Hunts

Some places Easter egg hunting is a sport and it takes years of training. We're starting early to ensure we have a top competitor in our home. Here are some steps you can take to train your offspring as well.

#1: Practice. You need to practice before the big day, your backyard works just great. You have to start early! Practice should begin before breakfast to make sure there is motivation to back inside.

If your child whines and insists on food it's okay to throw some crackers in a bag and tell him to get outside.
#2: Basket Holding. This step should be completed before the big day but it's okay to cram right beforehand. Find out which basket holding technique works best for your child. To each his own but remember this could mean the difference between a full or an empty basket.

Technique A - Works for some, not for us. They have a higher chance of tripping because they can't see their feet. (Recommend this technique to your competition - not that we play dirty or anything, we just like to tip the odds in our favor.) Technique B - This never works for anyone. It does keep the children entertained though and makes for a cute picture every once in a while.

Technique C - Letting the child hold their own basket comes with its own risks. The most obvious is that your kid gets too excited and dumps their eggs. Then all the hard work you've put in would be worthless - for us it's just too much of a risk. Technique D - Let the adult hold the basket to ensure the least number of accidents. This is the safest and most commonly used with the young athletes. (This is the method we selected.)

#3: Hunting Grounds. It's important to choose wisely when finding a "hunt" to participate in. You want something challenging yet rewarding it could take months of research or you could happen to find a place the day of and hours before. We really wanted him to find the event rewarding so he would participate next year. We would hate to ruin his career early. ( See any eggs anyone? )

#4: Competition. It's important to arrive a few minutes early to have enough time to check out and distract the competition. Remember we're not here to make friends we're here to win! However, you can be cleaver and be friendly in hopes of distracting the competition. Like I said, anything to tip the scales in our favor.

#5 Strategize: It's important to leave enough time just before the race to get in last minute strategies with your coach. You never know what could happen and it's always best to be prepared.

Results: Jayden got 4 eggs, yep that's right. All of this training and strategizing just doesn't cut it when you have 100 children and not enough eggs. We'll have to look for better grounds next year.