Wednesday, March 5, 2008

One week old

Darcy (or Darce as we like to call you),

Yesterday you passed your one week old mark. We are amazed at how small you are and then we laugh at how huge your feet are compared to the rest of you. You have the longest fingers and toes. Your brother and you both have toes that are the same length (he turns 2 tomorrow.)

Two nights ago you finally slept through the night. You have been convinced that everynight there is going to be a party and were wide awake. I'm glad the talk we had worked and you finally realized no one in this house is awake after 11pm. Good Girl!

You had your first bath at home and just relaxed in the warm water. Your brother threw toys at your head (don't worry we stopped him.) He just wants to remind you that he's never far and is always thinking of you.

Speaking of your brother, he still doesn't know what to think of you. He's starting to realize there is competition for mommy's attention. He even went so far as to barf in nursery on Sunday to take away some of the attention that was being given to you. (Kudoos to Dad for actually catching the barf to save the nursery carpet (in my opinion NO carpet is worth THAT much.)) He finally asked to hold you and gave you a kiss. And by the way ~ he's sorry for almost killing you the other day ~ he didn't mean it.

Daddy LOVES to hold you every night. He's big on snuggling and wants to hold you even when he's sleeping. He already pronounced you Daddy's Little Girl and secretly thinks you're going to be his favorite. (By secretly I mean that he tells you every night and I have to remind him that we love our children equally. Shhh don't tell Jayden.)

Thank you so much for joining our family. So far, it has been an easy adjustment. I know I might regret saying that in a few weeks when you're finally out of your sleep all the time stage. We can't wait for smiles and laughter and don't mind that our house has been invaded by all things girl and the color pink.

I love you,



Jenny Bay said...

Yay!!! Congratulations!! She is adorable! And what a cute mommy you are! Love ya!

flying_high_pope's said...

What a proud daddy!!

Netters said...

What an adorable picture of Darcy and Tim, and the one of her feet...Too cute. Congrats--it seems like you all are adjusting well, and Jayden is just being a boy--in a couple of years (or weeks) he will be way to overprotective of her.