Saturday, March 22, 2008

March Madness

March has been one busy month for our family. We've had birthdays, parties, anniversaries, guests and some not so happy times. We've been so busy and adjusting to life with 2 children that blogging has taken a back seat. So, I'm catching up - a late post is better than none right?

We had Jayden's birthday and birthday party - very fun! He's growing so fast. Uncle Greg (19)and Aunt Edna had Birthdays. We all got sick with the cold even little Darcy. Great Grandpa Scott came to visit Jayden and Darcy he got to stay for several days. We celebrated St. Patrick's Day by going to the parade and with a party at our house with some couples from the ward. Grandpa (or Papa as Jayden calls him) Scott and Uncle Eric came to visit us and Great Grandpa Scott. (This picture makes me laugh because it was our sad attempt at a group picture.)
Darcy or Sister D as we've started calling her got sick enough to be admitted to the hospital. They think she had a staph infection and she was there from the 17th to the 20th. On the 19th Tim and I had our 3rd Anniversary - we didn't really get to celebrate because I was in the hospital with Darcy the whole time. All of this and we still have over a week left in March.
I thought this picture was so cute. It's Great Grandpa Scott and Grandpa Scott pushing a sleeping Jayden in his stoller.

While Uncle Eric was visiting we had enough time to take him to the park and let him play. He's getting so big.