Thursday, March 6, 2008

Jayden Ray

Today was all about Jayden. He got to pick what movie we watched (when doesn't he?!) He got to pick what he wore, what we ate for dinner and apparently when he opens his presents.

Movie: Toy Story then Land Before Time.
Outfit: Jeans and Cars T-Shirt.
Dinner: Hot Dogs and Grapes.
Open Presents: Whenever Jayden feels like it.
You are officially 2 today, even though you've been acting like a 2 year old for months now! I can't believe how much you've grown and what a little man you've become. You have such a personality and know what you want.
You love to watch movies especially Cars, Toy Story and Open Season. You love playing outside and riding your bike. Anything that has wheels captures your attention right away. You know your alphabet and the sounds each letter makes. You can count to 8 and know basic colors. You get excited at the sight of cats, dogs, Curious George, Mickey Mouse, Cookie Monster, trucks, anything Disney Cars related, Spiderman. You like to call family on the phone and chat, you always want to talk with Grandma Scott.
You spend your days:
  • throwing things down your slide
  • playing with cars
  • going for walks with me (mom)
  • reading books
  • watching movies
  • and tearing things apart.
You love to "help" dad with projects around the house. Your favorite foods are any kind of berry (mainly strawberries), "grandma's peas", chicken nuggets and quesidillas. You're still very attached to your blankies and baba and need them every night to go to bed.
No matter how big you get you're still my little man, my firstborn. It brings tears to my eyes to think of how much you've grown and the many more changes that are ahead. I'm grateful that you are eternally a part of this family, we are truely blessed.
I love you,
Birthday Pictures:

We only have pictures of you opening this one present because it is the only one you would open in front of the camera. You refused to open the rest of the presents at that time. We let you play for a while and a few hours later Dad came upstairs to find that you had opened the rest of your presents! Look at the mess you made!

I made a cake with strawberries since you love them. When I was putting the strawberries on top you kept picking them off and eating them. Everytime I turned around your cheeks were full and another berry was gone.

After we sang Happy Birthday you clapped for us.


marc, michelle and Jackson said...

I am so glad that you posted onour blog! It is great to reconnect with you and to see what you are doing. You have such cute little ones. I can't wait to keep coming back to see what you are up to. Glad that all is well with you!