Sunday, March 30, 2008

I know I'm a week late with posting this picture I just now had time to put it on the computer and post. My blog has taken the back burner until I can get my life back in order. Easter 2008
These days I'm just trying to survive in between naps and I'm reminded how much I love my angels when they're sleeping and all is peaceful. We are adjusting to becoming a family of 4 and trying to find a routine. Jayden has had a hard time sleeping and I think he might be trying to give up his naps. I don't know if I could live with that, he gets so cranky with out them. One days he was so tired but wouldn't go to sleep that we put him down and closed the door and he whinned for 30 min. before falling asleep sitting up on the edge of his bed. Cute.

I love this picture of Darcy, you can kinda see her "red hair" stage. We know it probably won't last long and most pictures we take you can't see red at all. Darcy is growing so fast but she's still tiny and only weighed 6lbs 10 oz at exactly 4 weeks. I know someday this will embarrass her but for journal purposes I must say all of her weight has gone to her double chin, thighs and length. She has long arms looks tall and has just now started to fit into newborn clothing. She only fits because of her length the clothes fall off her shoulders and look huge on her.

I love this picture of Jayden he has such sweet eyes.


Jenny Bay said...

Amanda your kids are so cute!! :)

Cortney said...

Beautiful pictures! And don't worry about getting behind on blogging--we all do! A mom's work is endless! And we'll keep checking in on you, even if there isn't something new every time. :)