Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dec 2008

I just had to share these pictures of our winter. See all that snow? That ALL came in less that 48 hours and it was still snowing when we took them. It was crazy! I mean just insane and I have to say that Spokane city has been the absolute worst at removing the snow. That is Tim's truck, it didn't move for weeks.

Tim was trying to find the driveway so he could shovel it before it froze and turned into ice.
You couldn't see out the basement windows because the snow was so high. I have to say we had a lot of fun the first day or two and after that Jayden wouldn't go out in it. Fresh clean snow is fun but black dirty ice isn't.

We had to post this picture. This is the day after Christmas and was our last and final day of potty training. And let me say we were all exhausted. We did it in 8 days and I call it an ambush, Jayden didn't know what had hit him. He fought it every step of the way for the first 4-5 but by day 8 he was going by himself and that night he went in and never came out. This is how we found him. I feel for you little dude I really do.

P.S. See the pipe coming out of the wall and the linolium that has been pulled up? The sink was being worked on and was unattached and Jayden pulled it down and it shattered to pieces. I felt so bad and still do but on the bright side Grandma got to redesign her bathroom!


Elaina said...

The snow this winter was nuts. We had a pile in the back yard high enough to climb onto the garage roof. We want to potty train Justin but like his dad scared of the toilet until he was 3 years old. We will see if we can get him to potty train before then. Every time we ask if he needs to go potty he says," No k, no k" and runs off. If we make him and screams and freaks out. He takes after his dad LOL!