Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Eight Questions... and a new friend

So for today's post Ashlee graciously agreed to let me "interview" her, I probably should of let Heather handle this one since she's the journalist and writer in the family. I can already tell Ashlee is one of those girls I'm always jealous of. She's got the smarts, the looks, the personality, the decorating sense, and you just wait until she has children I know they won't be cuter than mine but I'm sure she'll handle them better than I do mine. So lets hear from someone else other than me for once...

#1 First of all introduce yourself (what is your middle name? How did your parents choose your name?) and give us a quick introduction to who you are and where you're from.

Ashlee: Ok so here this goes. I am Ashlee Nicole Miller, and to tell you the truth I don't know why Ashlee, I guess they liked it. Nicole is after my Grandma Miller, her name is Nicola. I am from Glendora Ca, in Los Angeles county. I grew up loving the water, house boating on Lake Powell with all of my cousins. We still do that every summer.

#2 As you get ready to be married are you thinking of the kind of marriage you want to have? Do you have any happy-marriage role models? What have you learned from them?

Ashlee: Trying not to sound too cliche, I want to have a marriage like my parents. Actually, like a lot of my aunts and uncles too. They have fun together, and you can tell that they truly do love each other.Ive learned that you always have to take the bad with the good, nobody is perfect. Also to just laugh at things that could become problems depending on how you react to them.

Amanda: I have to say it sounds like you've had some great role models and it is a great idea to learn how to laugh, especially around Eric. Tim and I are endlessly teasing each other because it helps with tension that comes from disagreeing but more importantly it keeps our relationship fresh and fun.

#3 Are you excited to have a home to call your own? What are some things that you can’t live without that will become a part of your new home?

Ashlee: I cant wait to have my own home! Eric always makes fun of me because my apartment now is completely decorated. I love painting walls, and having an adorably decorated home. Eric has told me that the Scott family isn't a huge chocolate family, but I cant live without it. At Christmas, on my moms side, we get 15 pounds of sees, and its usually gone within 10 days. So chocolate will definitely be apart of my new home :) Also, FHE and dinner on the table every night.

Amanda: I'm jealous already, the cute home is something I want and I can help other people with I just can't do it in my home. I'm going to need some help, give me a few years to get a budget but then will you come over and help a sister out? Also, Tim wants to say that it is about time we get someone who likes chocolate. There is a lot of extended family who enjoy chocolate so you won't be alone.

#4 Have you ever made a horrible mistake with some one's cut or color? What did you do to correct it?

Ashlee: I actually have never made any horrible mistakes, knock on wood

Amanda: I was hoping for a great story. I have to say this would make me so nervous that I wouldn't even be able to cut hair. You'll have to ask Tim how his last hair cut from me went. He finally stopped wearing a hat everywhere and I cut his hair 3 weeks ago.

#5 Do you consider yourself a good cook? Do you enjoy cooking? What is your favorite food to eat or cook? Are you prepared to take on the role of Eric's chef?

Ashlee: I definitely like to cook, Eric hasn't seen a lot of it yet, just because it isn't fun to cook for just one person. I love to bake, desserts are one of my favorite things. And I am definitely ready to be Eric's chef. I'm kinda tired of hearing at the end of the day "I don't think I have eaten today" or "I had breakfast, but that's about it"

#6 What makes you happiest in life? What or who can always cheer you up?

Ashlee: My family definitely makes me the happiest. I grew up knowing and seeing every cousin at least once a week. We had Sunday dinners, and would rotate if we went to grandma greens or grandma millers. My sister Courtnee can always cheer me up, she is such a goof ball

#7 What embarrasses you? Is there something that always makes you cringe or blush and get nervous?

Ashlee: I really don't get embarrassed to easily. I'm sure there are things that make me blush, but I cant think of them off the top of my head. I get nervous right before a date, even when its Eric. If I know we are actually going out, on an official date, I get butterflies right before.

#8 What would you say some of your hidden talents are?

Ashlee: I have no talents. Haha, just kidding. I have no idea. I think the things I am good at are not generally thought of when you think "talent". I love kids, and have a pretty good knack with them. I can also read people really really well. Eric doesn't like it too much because I can tell when he is thinking something and then he cant get out of telling me.

Amanda: I can already see several talents that I think you have and I'm excited that I got to know you more. Thank you so much for agreeing to do this for me.


Kirsten said...

wow Amanda that was a great idea and I am happy you did that it tells me some more about her and Ashlee seems great! hope you have more awsome ideas for new blogs and if you don't just call me!