Sunday, February 8, 2009

Draper Open House

On our last visit to Utah about two weeks ago we went to dinner with Tim's parents and had a good time. And they're coming up at the end of the month for birthday week at our house, Darcy and Jayden's birthdays are exactly one week apart. We also got to visit the Draper Temple during the open house. They bussed you from different church buildings up to the temple for the tour. I love showing and teaching my children the gospel.

Afterward they had refreshments and I'd have to say that was Darcys favorite part - she is such a little eater! That girl can pack it, you wouldn't tell by looking at her but she's a foodie.

We stayed with our friends Coby and DaNette. Thanks again guys! They took us to the temple with them and we went to a bounce house withthem for their son's birthday. Jayden had a blast and it was great to see them and to get to know them better. The real reason for our visit was to meet Ashlee who is my brother's serious girlfriend! We went to dinner and shopping at Deseret Books. Ashlee is a DOLL! Very sweet and nice and I hope she joins our family soon. Eric and Ashlee - you said you would email me those wedding colors!! You gotta get on that.


DaNette said...

Yay so happy you updated your blog. It's fun to see what you have been up to, and we loved having you guys stay with us. It was fun to catch up!
I still need to send you the pictures from the bounce house. Also--we found "open range" in our DVD player, yours??

melanie said...

Amanda! Your kids are so cute. I'm so glad you're blogging again-- they are growing up so fast. I saw the Draper Temple this weekend and it really was amazing. Hope you are well-- mel :)
(p.s. cute haircut!)