Saturday, February 7, 2009

A girl's pigtails

Our little girl is getting so big, she wore her first pigtails. We just had to take pictures, they may be small but they're there. And look how happy she is about them! See that scab on her nose? She fell down stairs the other day and got scratched. The few seconds between me hearing the sound and realizing what happened were agonizing. I was happy to see it was just a small scratch.


Elaina said...

I feel for you. I opened the door to go down stairs and Justin was at the top of the stairs and I opened the door and next thing I know he fell almost all the way down the stairs before Robert ran and grabbed him. I had Annalisa in my hands so I couldn't run down very fast. He had a lip the size of his nose it seemed like. I always ask Robert if he's down stairs so I can open the door. It was a scary image watching him fall down.

Kirsten said...

Darcy is so cute and I love that smile she does that to me at lot also she needs to grow her hair out befor the pigtails and i hope she is ok!