Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sept 08

So I'm trying to catch up and I'm posting a ton of pictures that I wanted to post about but never did. Scroll down, there's a lot more. This is a picture of Darcy in my favorite church outfit that she wore last fall. (Sept 08) The following pictures are from the Puyallup Fair. We decided one Friday that we wanted to join my family and hopped on a plane (I LOVE flight benefits) and spent that night at the fair.

I was glad we went because Jayden was brave enough to ride the rides and loved them! In the past he would scream and we'd have to stop the ride and get him off.

In the beginning of Sept we visited family and Utah and stayed with Tim's brother and family. Their son, Loren is Jayden's age and they had a blast together. We always have such a great time with them and they never disappoint.

They were so cute running around together in their batman pajamas at the Alsop family reunion. It just happened to be the same week we visited and so we got to spend some time at Tim's uncle's house - Steve and GeAnna Alsop in American Fork, UT.


Elaina said...

Darcy is so cute in her dress! Looks like both boys had a lot of fun!