Thursday, February 26, 2009

Darcy Lynn Jane


Today is your day, you turn one year old. We had you weighed yesterday and you're only 15lbs. You're just a small girl. You only have one bottom tooth with the other bottom tooth just barely breaking the gums but you have the best one tooth smile I've ever seen. It is so cute!
You love to eat. You always want to eat food and can find it everywhere. We laugh at how much you eat and then how small you are, how do you do it? Over the past two weeks you've learned how to clap and the throw your hands in the air when we say hooray. You like to shake your head at people and get them to shake back.
Jayden is your hero, he walks into the room and you light up. Everything he does is so funny to you. You've also learned how to tattle on him, if he even so much as blocks you or touches the toy you are playing with you start to cry and look around to make sure I know you're crying. Someone needs to keep him in check!

You love: Food, baths, food, books, foods, dolls, a drink before bed each night and your blanket.

You hate: milk and being alone.

I couldn't think of a long list for things you hate. You honestly are so sweet and easy going. You are just loveable and nice to everyone and don't hate many things. We couldn't of asked for a sweeter kinder daughter we love and cherish you. We give thanks daily for you and the joy that you are. I think you're great, Happy Birthday!

Love you,


Elaina said...

Very sweet message you have for Darcy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!